LG teases Samsung on Twitter.


In a product vs product brag, in which LG USA gave a rejoinder to Samsung’s Twitter post. Samsung Twitted an advertisement of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ fast charging capabilities, that allows the device to charge from zero percent battery level to 100 percent in 90 minutes.

LG gave Samsung a rejoinder by posting a tweet, which states that the LG V10 can charge  from zero to full instantly with a removable battery. Unlike Galaxy S6 Edge+ non-removable battery. LG also added a link to the V10 homepage.


According to Samsung removable batteries are now obsolete, as it takes up space needed to make the a phone more compact and light. Galaxy S6 s the first device in the Galaxy line to be released without a removable battery, and indications from S7 spec rumour show that the company will be sticking to non-removable batteries. Also, fast charging has made removable battery quite unnecessary and Samsung obviously has subscribed to this school of thought.

The argument over which is better, between Removable battery and a non-removable battery, has no end in sight. Different big name producers have their own reasons for sticking removable or non-removable battery, and they are making sure that they give us reason and advertise their products as well, as we’ve seen LG and Samsung.

It up to consumers to decide is they prefer shedding extra weight to having a removable battery, or Vice-versa. Which do you prefer? share in comment box.


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