Are We To Expect A Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 With Purple Cover ?


Are We To Expect A Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 With Purple Cover ?

This is quite an unexpected revelation. We thought the existing Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 had an interesting color naturally but it seems the workers at Samsung are not just satisfied with the color.

We recently noticed the supposedly new Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 on Samsung official Hong Kong website which was all kitted up in purple.

It looked adorable if I must say but I can’t say for sure if the Purple version of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 will leave the shores of Hong Kong or stay within and besides, Samsung didn’t make mention of any purple Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. So??

Nevertheless, aside from the change in color, this looks much the same as the Galaxy Mega. Which is to say it’s still going to be more appealing as a small, mid-range tablet than an oversized smartphone.

Given the manufacturer’s fondness for bright hues, though, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more colorful Megas make their way out in the near future.

Are you excited?

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