Dryft Keyboard To Speed Up Typing On Android Tablet

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Dryft Keyboard To Speed Up Typing On Android Tablet

Dryft Keyboard To Speed Up Typing On Android Tablet

Earlier this week, a typing app called Dynamic keyboard was released to help the android tablet users to type efficiently and faster with less mistakes made.

Never thought that was just got to be it as I expected more either from Dynamic Keyboard makers or some other android app developer.

Well, co founder of Swype, Randy Marsden has announced the release of a new app and this one is called Dryft i.e replacing the “i” with a “y” for reasons best known to them.

The Dryft is alleged to help android tablet users type way better, with more efficiency and faster at approximately 80 words per minute (80WPM) which is kind of a feat when it comes to typing on an android powered device or tablet as in this case.

With Dryft, users will actually lay their hands and wrists on the display. Instead of using a regular method with touch screen controls, Dryft uses the accelerometer and will recognize the taps individually, letting you keep your wrists comfortably on the tablet and in home row.

Dryft promises to be what swype is to smartphones. Swype has been downloaded and used in millions and millions of smartphones for a while now.

If Dryft actually performs what it claims, that will be awesome although its still undergoing tests and so in its beta state. However, a beta sign-up has gone live, and hopefully this new typing experience will arrive on tablets sometime soon.

Having keys expand around our fingers, while resting comfortable on that 10-inch Nexus 10 display, then typing with ease. Do you find this exciting?

Here’s a quick video with an explanation and showing it in action.

Dryft Keyboard To Speed Up Typing On Android Tablet



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