Facebook brings back SMS messaging function to Facebook Messenger

Facebook brings back SMS messaging function to Facebook Messenger


Facebook has announced that the reintroduction of text messaging through the Facebook messenger app. If you can recall, this feature was introduced earlier in 2013 and was removed just when users were warming up to the in-app text messaging function. Well, its back again, let us hope that this time it is for good as it is a nice feature that allows you send texts to phone numbers on the fly. Although, this is one of Facebook’s steps to make Messenger the all and all in the instant messaging app spcae; anyways, it is a good trade off.

Furthermore, Facebook’s David Marcus, the VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, explains that the reintroduction of this feature is owed to “a lot of Android texting apps not keeping up with the evolution of messaging, so we felt like we truly had to make Messenger the best SMS client for Android. As a result, in addition to having a fully integrated app for all your messaging, you’re now able to send voice clips, stickers, and even share your location over SMS on top of standard texting features. You will now also enjoy all the things you’ve come to love about Messenger for all your messages, including chat heads and more”.


So how do you access this new feature? You may ask. All you need do is go-to your settings select “SMS”and set as your default messaging app. Afterwards, sms messages will have a purple colour while Facebook Messenger messages will have the traditional blue colouration. Mind you, this update is making rounds gradually so you may not have see it now.



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One thought on “Facebook brings back SMS messaging function to Facebook Messenger

Dr_Dee says:

This would be a very huge step from facebook. Although it could be considered as a death blow to service providers once more. It seems Facebook want to take all the market to itself. Lol

I can’t wait for them to fully bring back this feature.

Anyway it’s good for them. More grease to their elbow.

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