Facebook messenger breaks instant messaging record

Facebook messenger breaks instant messaging record



A publication from the Facebook team states that Facebooks instant messaging app has just reached a 800 million active user milestone. This record was gotten from the number of active users in 2015 uptil date.

According to the Head of Facebook messenger product Stan Chudnovsky;

” We are growing very, very fast, and it’s all shaping up into thinking about what we can make this year        better than last year”.

Stan, further stated that in 2016 new video and voice call features will be added to the app. This new feature will permit users to make video and voice calls without requiring the phone number of the proposed call recipient or being Facebook friends.

“All you need is just a name as Messenger provides that capability to find anybody by name or the name of a business,” he said.

Its no surprise that Facebook’s instant messaging app is becoming a big hit as its parent site. The instant messaging application came on board in 2008. Since then, various modifications has been made to the app, with aim of improving its user interface and appeal, which is Obviously paying off. With the upcoming modifications it is bound to break more, unless it is rivaled by another equally great application.



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