Google Introduces Android Device Manager To Help Track Your Lost Android Smartphone


Finally!! , Google has taken a bold step to help android users track their lost android smartphone by introducing a service called Android Device Manager ..

Basically , The main aim of this service is to help android phone owners help track and find their android smartphone whenever it gets missing…Although there are lots of apps on google’s playstore that helps track lost devices , nevertheless , the new Android Device Manager will be useful to the millions of android users and is said to be pre-installed in the upcoming version of android 5.0 ..

Android Device Manager allows users to ring their Smartphone at the full volume even if the mobile is in silent mode, And it will help the to track the phone in real-time on a map and we can wipe personal information and the data on the internal and external memory if you feel that the your office files etc may fall in wrong hand…The Critera For Using This Service Is That your android version must be From Android 2.2.2 Upwards…

You Can Download It From Here

Then you can check in Setting > Security > Device Administrators and Enable The Google Device manager and Soon Google will Update the app to make it easy to use and find it.

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