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There’s no doubt that Google Playstore Is The Biggest App Store For Android Users..Formerly Called Android Market , Google Playstore Boasts Of Well over 600,000 Apps , Covering Every Category You Can Ever Think Of..Google has no doubt revolutionized the internet world , no wonder its services dominates every section you can think of and google is recognized as one of the top technology companies in the world!.

Android Users gets %95 Of Apps On Their Phone from google playstore , but google playstore is not the only android app store , there are also some other websites with good and useful android apps..Today I’ld List Out Alternatives To Google Playstore

1Mobile Market : 1mobile Market is a website dedicated to focus mainly on android applications and games..With well over 100,000 apps and games , 1mobile market has covered everything on android applications and games..

If you’ld ask me , i’ld say 1 mobile market is the closest alternative to google playstore .. You can try out 1Mobile Market

Opera Mobile Store : Believe Me , i’ld Be Very Suprised If You tell me you dont know or you dont use ‘Operamini Browser’ On Your Phone..Operamini is one of the popular internet browsers for mobile phones in the world!.. 1 out of every 3 phones has an operamini browser installed in it..

Opera Mobile store has lots of applications for different phone os ..Opera mobile store works just like google play store , you can download applications directly to your phone from opera mobile store..You can give it a try today!

Handango : You’ve probably not heard of handango because its not as popular as google playstore but handango has been existing for many years now..Handago Bosts of hundreds of apps for android , Both free and paid apps are available.

To Ensure easy download , handango also offers users the option to input their email and get the application sent directly to their email ..Users can find apps suitable for their phone by searching for their device name or platform..

Nexva : Nexva Is Also another app store to try out..

Nexva is a multipurpose app store that provides applications for both android and blackberry os platform , just like opera mobile store..Free and paid apps are also available on nexva store..visit Nexva Today!.

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  1. Yes its true, even android phones of lower version work very well with Operamini, i have not heard of 1mobile though, but will check it out, some phones don’t allow google play store to work in them, hence difficult to get most apps, sad

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