How to Hide Folders on Android

How to Hide Folders on Android


This is one of the Easiest tutorials on Android. If you have private folders / documents on your smartphone and you want to hide them , here’s how to go about it.

How to Hide Folders on Android

Open your app drawer and locate your default file manager. Select the folder you want to hide. Click on it for few seconds and select “Rename”

File Manager


Just add . at the begining of the folder’s name and save it.

Rename Boom Blayer

How to Hide Files on Android

Follow the same procedure but this time , add . at the begining of the file name you want to hide.

Rename File

How to View Hidden Files

Open your file manager , click on the left button on your phone , click on Show Hidden Files. A List of hidden files will show and you can access anyone you wish.

Show Hidden Folder

List of hidden folders

Hope this helps.



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Joemez says:

Nice tutorial I tried your steps and it worked perfectly was wondering if when connected to a computer the files will still be hidden

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