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How to Make Your Android Device Feel Lot Faster


People often ask me why my Android phones seem to be so fast and work to snappy, making them wonder if I overclocked the phones. I haven’t! Am a “Techy” doesn’t make me an oppressor!. Its just that there is actually something I immediately do whenever I get a new Android phone. There’s a quick little tip that is very useful for anyone with a lollipop or newer Android version to quickly make your Android device feel lot faster.

How to Make Your Android Device Feel Lot Faster

With the Android device powered on, navigate to Settings by just pulling down the notification shade and tapping the gear at the top right ( that depends on the Model of your Device )

Android Settings

Android Settings

Head straight to “about phone” and we are to enable the developer options by tapping “build number” repeatedly (twice or more) until a message pops up telling you that you are a developer.

Android Settings - make your Android device feel lot faster
Android Settings
Android Settings











Enable Developer Options

Then tap the back button on your device, afterwards tap on the new developer options that has just appeared.

Enable Developer Options - make your Android device feel lot faster
Enable Developer Options

Developer Options

Scroll down until you see the Drawing section. There are three options that we are to change. The “Window animation scale”, “transition animation scale”, and “animator duration scale”. Tap each option one after the other and change the duration to anything less than one with the lower number being the fastest.

Animation Scale Settings - make your Android device feel lot faster
Animation Scale Settings

Animation Scale Settings

Then tap the home button and open spots to test his it feels.

The importance of what each of these options does is simply to control how long the device’s animations take between launching apps, loading screens, etc. Technically we didn’t make the device faster, but certainly it’ll feel faster and snappy since some of the animations take longer than the loading it the app and make it seem to be taking longer to load.

It is advisable to change the options to 10x and you’ll see an exaggerated example of this.

And that’s it. To undo this simply set everything back to 1x.

There’s a price to pay. It’s funny because after doing this to my android devices, it becomes very hard to have to normal animation time again. So, you know, you have been warned.

Anyone find this useful? Let me know in the comments below!



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