How To Rollover Unused Data To Your Next Subscription

How To Rollover Unused Data To Your Next Subscription


The battle for the best network with the cheapest data subscription is still ongoing as GLO unveiled one of the cheapest subscription Nigeria has been talking about. The questions bothering Nigerians would be can I roll over my unused Data subscription to the next month? Or Can my remaining data be added to my new subscription? For example: if I have 3GB remaining from last month plan, would it be added to the next month plan when I renew it.

Well, the answer is YES!. It would be added to your new plan but it has a condition. You must renew your current data subscription before the expiry date.

This applies to MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and Airtel.




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You are doing a good job but I need to find out how I can unlock my mtn mifi E5330 to use any network on it? Thanks

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