Instagram lengthens video recording time by 45 seconds


Photo sharing app, Instagram has added 45 seconds to the initial video length of 15 seconds, making Instagram video’s 60 seconds long, which is one minute. Before now, this feature was exclusively available to advertiser’s on Instagram and now its for everyone.
The benefit of increasing video length is apparent, for instance, you now have the opportunity of watching an extra 45 seconds of those comedy clips you are never able of getting enough of, like ‘crazy clown’; I hope crazy clown will lengthen his clips now. However, it might come at the cost of some degree of creativity as well as encourage lethargic and vapid video content; this is the opinion of some, especially Instavid viewers. On the other hand, an increase in video length will give video producers ample time to pass their message across without having to worry much about how to squeeze it in.

This new feature should be available on your Instagram app by now, as Instagram began rolling out this feature yesterday. So, what do you think of this video length increase, do you like it or not? Share in the comment box below. Say tuned to AndroidNigeria as we keep you posted on everything happening on your smartphone.

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