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LG V30 to feature the world’s widest aperture and clearest lens ever.


LG V series is the second flagship series from the South Korean phone makers LG. The V30 is the next iteration of the device that will soon be launched in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to news from LG; the V30 will raise the standard as regards phone camera specifications. The device will sport an f1/6 lens (a first by LG) which is more power than the regular f1/8 lens. The f1/6 lens has more light absorption capability, it delivers extra 25% light to the sensor.

Already the V30 wide angle camera has 30% lower edge distortion compared to the V20’s wide angle camera. It was also revealed the rear camera module on the upcoming phone is 30% smaller in size compared its predecessor.

According to LG “The glass Crystal Clear Lens also delivers greater light-collecting ability than a plastic lens as well as better color reproduction,” LG says in a press release. “This makes the V30 particularly well suited for photography and videography.”

The device will be coming with other new features including the Immersion’s TouchSense technology for high-definition haptics. LG recently announced the addition of the feature to all future LG devices including the V30. The device will be unveiled August 31 and will expectedly be available for sale the following month.


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