Microsoft Introduced Read Aloud function for people suffering from reading disability


Microsoft Word Read Aloud function
Microsoft Word Read Aloud function

In a recent update development, Microsoft Office 365 update has introduced a new feature on the Microsoft word which allows a read aloud function to help people suffering from reading disability also known as dyslexia.

The Microsoft Word update can be used to proof read documents and is compatible with headphones which are basically targeted at helping people in reading, spelling and writing fluently.

The Microsoft Office 365 update read aloud feature is in the testing stage although similar to the existing read mode introduced last year, there is more improvement as this new read aloud feature will help control the speed and voice while making real time edits to correct mistakes and errors.

The software giant Microsoft has featured a number of text-to-speech updates but this new feature may just be the best of the moment and will be generally available as an update to everyone later in the year, it is worth looking forward to.

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