Over half a billion devices are susceptible to a new Android malware “QuadRooter”

Over half a billion devices are susceptible to a new Android malware “QuadRooter”


Thanks to check point security firm, a new flaw has been detected in Qualcomm powered Android smartphones. This new flaw makes devices sporting Qualcomm Snapdragon processors susceptible to external breach by hackers who can then steal information.

The flaw is dubbed QuadRooter, it is a set of four vulnerabilities that affects over 900 million smartphones which includes flagship devices of top brands such as Samsung, LG, Blackberry etc. One of the ways identified as a possible way by which hackers can steal sensitive personal and work information from people is through downloading of applications. Hackers can create an application that does not require access permission to make use or access your devices data and network. So install apps only on a need-to-use basis and the apps also have to boast of good reviews. This will help curb any the menace of data theft.

It is worth stating that security fixes have been released for three of the four vulnerabilities and they were released in last security patch made available by Google. The outstanding security patch will be released in September . Sadly, this security patch is not available to people who do not use stock Android device’s (Nexus devices) or device tat are close to stock Android device’s (Samsung, HTC, LG. Devices that release security updates frequently). For those whose devices does not fall under this category, it is now left for you to guard your phone with your eyes, being watchful and mindful of the apps you install.

To help ascertain if your phone has not been breached by these new vulnerabilities, an application has been made available to this effect. It is called QuadRoot scanner and helps check for QuadRooter vulnerabilities. You can get the application by clicking on this link, which will take you to the apps play store page, download and use, cheers.



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