I want to Learn about mobile phones (Softwares only)

QuestionsCategory: GeneralI want to Learn about mobile phones (Softwares only)
Michael asked 8 months ago


I computer literate and I know almost
everything there’s is to know about computers.
Reading one of your articles I realise that
there are somethings about the mobile phone
that seem confusing. Infact I want to venture
into the mobile world.

My questions are:

What is rooting a smart smartphone?
What does it mean to change a smartphone ROM or firmware?
What is updating a smartphone to a custom ROM?
I want to learn about phones.I mean just want to learn about
mobile softwares OS of androids and iphones (and cell phones in General).
I am interested in becoming a student. But because of my Job, I want a training that will cover a period of 2weeks.
Thank you.

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