Sony’s smartwig to facial expression, monitor health, and many more


After launching Smartwatch, tech company, Sony is trying to license what it calls a “SmartWig“. The application describes a standard wig that could “be made from horse hair, human
hair, wool, feathers, yak hair or any kind of synthetic material,” with a circuit board hidden among those
luscious locks. That board can talk to a “second computing device” wirelessly — such as a phone or even a
pair of smartglasses — and actuators embedded in the hairpiece could “provide tactile feedback to the user.” In other words, the wig could vibrate when you receive emails
and the like. The wig-chip could also include GPS and an ultrasound transducer, with different regions buzzing to give navigation cues. If all that doesn’t sound ludicrous
enough, how about an integrated camera? Or, get this, a laser pointer.

Here is a list of possible features of Sony SmartWig:
– A tactile feedback actuator that could deliver vibrations or small electric shocks
– Three more tactile feedback actuators
– A GPS sensor
– An ultrasound transducer for detecting objects
– A camera
– A sensor that detects wig position relative to head
– A laser pointer

Sony has a fairly expansive idea of what a SmartWig would do, but one of its more interesting ideas is that the wig could detect facial expressions and translate them into computing commands — although the example it gives is someone raising their eyebrows to flip through a slideshow.
SmartWig could be a comprehensive health monitor that checks brain waves, temperature, blood pressure, and sweat levels. It even suggests different monikers based on abilities, such as a “navigation wig.

Source: The Verge

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