Start saying your farewell to Adobe flash as Microsoft plans to scrap the plugin.


Adobe flash was the king when it came to supporting the use of websites with embedded videos. But things began to go south for the software when HTML5 came with a more efficient option. Even though many websites still run Adobe flash, HTML5 is clearly the future. With the usage of Flash shrinking from 80% in 2014 to 17% in 2017. Microsoft deems the plugin unnecessary and plans to end all support for the plugin in 2020. Flash will be deactivated by default on Edge. While other browsers will phase out the plugin based on discretion.

Flash will become the second Microsoft product heading to extinction. The Redmond based company recently pulled the plug of paint.


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1 thought on “Start saying your farewell to Adobe flash as Microsoft plans to scrap the plugin.”

  1. It’s so painful Adobe flash has to die this way. Seriously, it doesn’t deserves this type of fate. It’s been a very good app for a while. It should have been worked on, improved and updated instead of completely scrapping it.

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