SwiftKey now has a worthy rival as Google brings the Gboard keyboard app to Android

SwiftKey now has a worthy rival as Google brings the Gboard keyboard app to Android


A few days ago, Google launched its new and improved keyboard app for Android, the Gboard app. Although, iOS counterparts already got theirs some months back. We are still glad it has come. Now we have something fresh and a competent alternative to the vastly popular SwiftKey keyboard app and other third party keyboard apps. That said, let’s see what the Gboard app offers that is new and exciting.

The most interesting features of the Gboard app include its GIF share feature. The keyboard app allows you to share Gifs through the keyboard on chat apps that support the functionality. Currently, there are not many chat applications that support this feature. Google’s Allo and Hangout support the feature. However, it shouldn’t take long for us to see updates that will bring this GIF share compatibility to chat apps. Another feature is the built-in emoji and GIF search. I am sure you know what that means because it means what it says, lol. Gboard comes with a custom G button that you can go through to search for information on the Internet. You can search for restaurants, images, news, sport update, and so on.

Another interesting feature of the Gboard keyboard app is the AI integration. Although, this feature is common place now. Gboard makes the it a little bit simple by saving new words the moment they are typed and suggesting them afterward. You can access your saved words across various devices that has Gboard keyboard app in it. All you need to do is activate the integration option.

Gboard supports typing in up to 100 languages, voice typing and gesture typing are supported as well. The app has landscape, and vertical mode that allows one hand typing. Activating this mode pins the keyboard to one side. You can also choose to make your keyboard buttons borderless and the Gboard comes with a number of themes for you to choose from. More features and updates are underway and they will help beef up the applications function.

So there it is, a brief on the features of Google’s Gboard app. You don’t have to download Gboard app as it is available when you update your native keyboard from Android. What do you think? Can you use in the Gboard app in place of the SwiftKey, Go, and the host of other AI powered keyboards. Share your thoughts in the comment box.



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