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How To Update BBM From Blackberry To Android
So you finally decided to dump your blackberry device and move on to the latest thing , “Android”.You got your android device , transferred your contacts from blackberry to android and you’re wondering ; is it possible to update my bbm without loosing contacts?. yes its possible! and easy too......
How to add BBM Channels on BBM for Android
Few weeks back a fan on our Facebook page ask us a question on how he can add BBM Channels on his BBM, so today I thought of writing a post on that in case such a question comes up later in the future by our Android fans or readers......
Blackberry Loves You!. BBM 2.0 Update Now Available!
Just lastyear blackberry listed out some new features to include in the next BBM update. Some of this features which includes BBM channels , new and improved emoticons and voice notes were expected to be released early this year. Today an official of blackberry , jeff gadway confirmed via Blackberry’s.....
Voice & Video Chats Coming To BBM For Android Soon Finally, BBM has arrived and is now working on most Android devices after a very long wait filled with mind blowing speculations. Related posts: BBM Will Be Available On All Android Phones Come September 21 BlackBerry BBM for Android and.....
BBM Will Be Available On All Android Phones Come  September 21
At First it was said that BBM Will Be Available On Samsung Galaxy Devices On Spetember 20th , Now Blackberry has finally confirmed through a Blog Post that BBM Will Be available On ALL ANDROID and IOS Phones On The 21st And 22nd Of September Respectively!. BBM for Android will.....

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