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Facebook improves Messenger with a new camera feature and a slew of camera functions
Facebook has always made efforts to strengthen and brandish their social media products. Nearly every month, Facebook product users get updates for either security or a new feature added to one of the Facebook products, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. In similar fashion, the social media giant has announced the.....
Facebook starts implementation of end-to-end encryption on Facebook messenger
The world has embraced social media so well that some would rightly say it is to the detriment of privacy and vis-à-vis interaction. Every now and then, we are reminded of the insecurity and frailty of our supposed secure secret conversations, login details and other personal documents on the social.....
Facebook brings back SMS messaging function to Facebook Messenger
Facebook has announced that the reintroduction of text messaging through the Facebook messenger app. If you can recall, this feature was introduced earlier in 2013 and was removed just when users were warming up to the in-app text messaging function. Well, its back again, let us hope that this time.....
Facebook adds 1,500 new emoji’s to Facebook messenger
Sometimes we wish we had better characters or Emoji’s to express ourselves while chatting over with friends and when it is not a question of having the emoji to express yourself, it then becomes a problem of having the emoji that conveys our personality, for instance, if you happen to.....
Facebook adds group call function to the Facebook messenger app
Facebook has announced that they are pushing another update to the facebook messenger app. This new update will allow users to make group calls with up to 50 participants. An obviously pleasing news for those who make calls to discuss with a group of friends or discuss business. Facebook messenger.....
Facebook adds username, barcode scanning and link sharing function to Facebook Messenger
Facebook has just announced a new feature for the Facebook Messenger app. This feature will allow users to have their own unique messenger username, bar code and link. These three features are to enable users connect more easily with people; there will be no need for the somewhat mechanical process.....

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