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Test Network Speed Using Speedtest 3.0 As Ookla Releases Update


Test Network Speed Using Speedtest 3.0 As Ookla Releases Update

To check your network Speed is something of great importance as you need to have the feature in your android Smartphone to choose which network to roll out with and why that call, web page isn’t opening.

Ookla, developer for Speedtest has given android users that ‘benefit’ although it has been on other operating system platforms. Ookla announced an update of the Speedtest and you can find the update, Speedtest 3.0 on Google Playstore.

This update however, doesn’t only bring in the much needed user interface changes for Android, it also has some under the hood improvements as well, such as improvements to the testing engine, map views for each test result, and other fixes.

Ookla also mentioned future updates for the Speedtest app which includes better Android tablet support, localization, and improved sharing of results.

For the main time, go on and download the Speedtest 3.0. It is free on the Google Playstore but some persky ads come along with it.

To get rid of those ads, you can purchase the Speedtest 3.0 app for a tiny sum of $0.99

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