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Thanks to leaked images, the physical design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been revealed


The launch of the Galaxy Note 8 is one of the events, all tech enthusiasts look forward to every year. Hence, the imminent launch of the flagship Phablet is bound to draw a rumour frenzy. We have seen a fair share of them and with each rumour a picture of the functional and physical attributes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is being drawn. But you don’t need to task your brain to picture what the device will look like as images of the Note 8 released by phone case maker, Olixar; leaves nothing to imagination.

Publishing the images is most likely a publicity stunt by the Phone case makers. Nevertheless, it reconfirms most of the Note 8’s features that we already know. As you can see the Note 8 will be coming with dual cameras, a LED flash, a heart rate sensor, and a fingerprint scanner all placed horizontally in the hump. Other than these obvious physical features, we get a sense of that the Note 8 will be quite a handful considering its size.

Already, we have the launch date of the Galaxy Note 8, the device is expected to launch 26 August. And speculations peg the devices selling price at $1141.35 (well over #300,000).


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