The trend-setting tech show is here, the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The trend-setting tech show is here, the Consumer Electronics Show 2017


So we are in 2017, a year with a perfect number. To most of us, a new year symbolizes a fresh start, an opportunity to do things differently. Just the way individuals have new year resolutions so also does tech companies and tech inventors have a new resolution, which expectedly should be aligned with creating trend changing tech inventions. 

That said, one of the tech events that has served as a platform for different tech manufacturers to come and showcase their latest inventions, prototypes for future technology, and latest product is the CES (the Consumer electronics show). 

CES is held in January of ever year at Las Vegas, USA. The show is famed from kicking off the tech trend for the year, giving a snippet on the tech inventions we should be expecting. Consequently, you have most tech companies participating in CES to get good publicity and generate interest in their activities.

The consumer electronics show will begin today 3 January, 2017. So far, we have all indications that we will be getting major product announcements from certain smartphone companies, including Huawei’s Honor and Asus. The companies mentioned have outed teasers during the days building up to CES 2017. 

Androidnigeria.com.ng will be covering the event in proxy, bringing only the most interesting and noteworthy tech news during the event. Please keep coming back for regular updates from the CES.



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