Walt Disney may likely be Twitter’s new owner as the company shows interest in acquiring Twitter

Walt Disney may likely be Twitter’s new owner as the company shows interest in acquiring Twitter


It is no news that the blue icon social media site, Twitter has been making frantic efforts to overturn its sinking of fortunes. Although, Twitter is still a power holder when it comes to social media with its main appeal real-time information and engagement. Regardless of this, the website has seen a stagnation in growth, a dwindling in profit generation and an overall devaluation as evidenced in the rice of the company’s shares. All these woes has made Twitter prime for a takeover and reports, speculations and rumours show that the social media website has a good number of organizations making enquiries and positioning themselves to buy the company. The latest of such companies is Walt Disney co., joining the growing list of suitors that already has big name companies such as Google and Salesforce on it.
According to a statement by Bloomberg vouched to an anonymous source, “Disney is working with a financial adviser to evaluate a possible bid for Twitter”. This means that the financial records of Twitter are being scrutinized as well as the business advantage that the acquisition could pose for Walt Disney.
In case you are wondering how this acquisition will favour a company famed for it’s cartoons and happily ever after movies. It bears reminding that Walt Disney Co.is the owner of the popular sports channel, ESPN. Twitter already features live streaming for ESPN on Sport nights. It therefore is reasonable to assume that an acquisition of Twitter will be used to bolster Walt Disney’s already growing presence internet. The company already has investments in streaming services and other online information outlets. Adding Twitter to the list will give them access to Twitter’s 303 million monthly subscribers. A huge boost in terms of the potential clients the company can make of twitters visitors.
For now, no official statement has been made by any of the stated parties as regards the possible acquisition. If the deal does go through, it will be seamless, seeing that twitter’s co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey occupies a sit in Walt Disney’s board. However this plays out, it is only a matter before Twitter will be bought over. Already the social media giants shares are responding positively to the recent news about an imminent takeover, the company’s shares has increased in value.



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