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WhatsApp lives to die another day on the Blackberry 10 platform as WhatsApp extends support for BB devices yet again


If you have been following our news report religiously, you will know that Whatsapp planned to end support for Blackberry 10 devices by the end of June. The messaging company cited the inability of the Blackberry 10 OS to support the features of the messaging application as the reason for discontinuing the app on the platform. Blackberry’s Blackberry 10 OS wasn’t the only OS getting the chop, Nokia S40 and S60 OS were also going to be alienated as far as future WhatsApp versions were concerned. But all that changed, going by the recent announcement made by the messaging platform, WhatsApp will still be available to the Blackberry platform until December 2017. This is certainly good news for the Blackberry users whose devices still run Blackberry 10 OS. Needless to say they would not be forced to look for another device to access one of the worlds most used messaging application.

Meanwhile, Nokia S60 will be booted off the WhatsApp support list by June 30 while the S40 will be supported to the end of this year. Already, WhatsApp Blackberry client has released an auto-update with change-log clearly saying: changed client end-of-life date to December 31, 2017.

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