After much backlash, Instagram assures users it won’t change news feed yet


Its been a few weeks now; since Instagram announced their intentions to change the order in which news are shown in the Instagram app. Instagram planned to change the news order from chronological to algorithm, in essence, this meant that the social photo sharing app will show posts of those that you are following in the order with which the algorithm feels you are close to the person who made the post; much like what Facebook does. On the other hand, the chronological news feed order showed posts in the order with which the were posted.  The Photo sharing service provider, stated that over 70 percent of posts are missed by users and that most users are likely to miss the post that matter to them the most due to the chronological news order.

That said, Instagram made the announcement, and stated that they will be waiting to see how their users respond to this proposed change before they go through with it. Well, they got a lot of responses but they were majorly negative, considering the fact that they Instagram had to post a Tweet assuring its users that they were shelving the algorithm news feed idea for the now.


Already, some IG users had begun sending messages out to their followers to activate a special notification alert for their posts. It seems that will not be necessary for now, and hopefully it won’t be necessary ever.

What’s your thought on the proposed news change? are you in support of it? share in the comment box

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