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It was always a question of when and the time is now as Facebook rolls out Ads to Messenger


Most web purists and Messenger users have always wondered when they will begin seeing Adverts on Facebook Messenger. The messaging app has preserved its purity for years and during this time it has grown a strong 1.2 billion user base. Facebook had already trialed Messenger Ads with users in Thailand and Australia. Now it is going global and it will appear in the home tab right between you conversations.

According to Facebook on its Messenger blog, “People already spend time on Messenger interacting and conducting commerce with businesses and brands they love, Now with Messenger ads, they have an opportunity to discover experiences directly on their home tab.”

Facebook noted that a small percentage of Messenger users will start seeing Ads by the end of the month and the number will gradually increase over the coming months.

Well, it is a question of when will you be seeing Ads on your messenger. While you wait, now is the time to think about the upcoming development, what will you do about it? Will this be the sought of development that will make you ditch the messaging app or do you feel it is worth the price of using such a well-built messaging application? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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