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Another Galaxy Fire incident: this time it is the Galaxy S6 Edge+


It seems Samsung is still not out of the woods. Since their Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the South Korean company has seen themselves tying to remedy the PR damage done by the fire hazard caused by their 2016 flagship device for the Note series. Unfortunately, the latest incident will certainly to rub Samsung of any progress made. A new report made by a user (ReturnThroughAether) on micro blogging site, Reddit, states that his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ caught fire at night. The fire extensively damaged the devices front and back panels. Thankfully, the phone combustion caused no personal harm to the owner because he kept the device on his night stand before going to bed.

ReturnThroughAether says he used the specified Samsung chargers to charge the device. The S6 Edge+ owner has since discussed with Samsung and the carried network for the said device. Expectedly, investigations are underway and we will be getting more concrete news on what caused the fire incident. This news certainly comes as a shocking surprise considering the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has been commercially available and in use for more than a year now. Whichever way, it certainly does not make Samsung feel any better neither does it help consumers trust in the brand. We hope that the cause the inferno is exclusive to the said device and not a glitch in manufacturing of the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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