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Blackberry is the first OEM’s to release full patch for the QuadRooter malware


At the moment, Blackberry is still largely struggling with getting a sizeable smartphone market share through their mobile offerings in the smartphone market. Regardless of their struggle, Blackberry still has a grip on things when it comes to mobile security. The Canadian based company boasts of the most secured Android devices available in the consumer market, the Priv and DTEK50. Quite recently, both of these devices and every other smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors were said to be susceptible to a security flaw, called QuadRooter. This flaw can allow hackers to have unrestricted access to a susceptible devices information, it is a set of four flaws.


As a measure against the newly discovered flaw, a security patch was made available by Qualcomm, which Google made available to OEM’S and the OEM’s made it available for end-users to download to their devices, during the last security update for August. The August security patch only protected devices against three of the four security flaws that can be exploited by the QuadRooter malware. Meaning that most Android devices except Blackberry Android devices using Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are still susceptible to a hack due to the outstanding QuadRooter flaw yet to fixed. Blackberry released a patch that fixes the QuadRooter flaw completely, so users of the Blackberry Priv and DTEK50 can sleep with rest of mind and perhaps take pride in the fact that their brand prioritizes security. With this update, Blackberry becomes the first OEM to address the QuadRooter flaw completely.  The security update will be received first by consumers who bought their Priv or DTEK50 phone directly from Blackberry, followed by those who purchased through network carrier’s.


Although there have been no cases of data theft due to the QuadRooter flaw, still one has cause to worry, considering the effect of a data theft. Hopefully, other smartphone brands should be releasing the compete patch for the QuadRooter malware soon and completely put worried minds to rest. If you do not own a stock Android device or a near stock Android device (Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.), reading the original post on QuadRooter will help you with tips on how to defend your phone.

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