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Dwayne Johnson creates ‘The Rock clock’ with no snooze button


The movie devotees, wrestling devotees, and workout devotees need no formal introduction of ‘The Rock’ or Dwanye Johnson as he is known in real life. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is one name that dominated the WWE universe for years and is dominating the movie industry currently, however with the moniker Dwayne Johnson. The Rock has featured in a couple of Hollywood blockbusters such as, Fast and furious, The scorpion King, Snitch, Race to witch mountain; just to name a few. The Rock is definitely known for his hard lines in action movies and his muscular build should also count as one of the reasons he is sought after for action roles in movies.

That said, the Hollywood A-lister decided it was time to give us an inkling of what it is like to be ‘The Rock’ with his The Rock alarm clock. This clock is not like the common place alarm clock you find on app store, because it has no snooze button – The Rock says he doesn’t do snooze buttons. The Rock clock also replaces the normal collection of alarm sounds for Dwayne Johnson’s personally recorded alarm tones,so you can actually wake up to The Rock’s voice whispering wakey wakey or yelling wake up; its your pick. There is also ‘The Rock time’ that syncs your alarm time with that of The Rock, who by the way wakes up by 4:15 am, so if you are planning syncing you time with his, you should be ready to go the distance. In addition to this, you can get motivational to funny videos recorded by The Rock himself through this app. If you ask me, its definitely an interesting app, you can download your at Play Store, just search for the rock clock and it should be the first option staring at you. The app is about 33mb in size and its free to use – I already got mine, so download yours and come share with us your experience in the comment box bow.

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23 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson creates ‘The Rock clock’ with no snooze button”

  1. The app is so much more than your average alarm clock. Beyond the 25 alarm tones personally selected by Johnson, you’ll wake up each day to motivational videos and messages sent by The Rock himself from his personal phone daily.

  2. The app is Designed to inspire others to achieve their goals, The Rock clock does more than just wake you up every day. You can also set a personal goal and a completion date and receive motivation from Johnson along the way.

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