Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg social media accounts got hacked. Read full details


One would expect that an accomplished developer such as; Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the multi-billion dollar business called Facebook, will be impervious to hacking, data breach or anything related. Well, it turns out that even an accomplished tech mogul such as; Zuckerberg can be hacked. Although, being hacked is not a question of how intelligent you are, because we know Zuckerberg is tinkering with building a fully functional home AI like Iron man’s ‘Jarvis’ as we speak – that’s his self-assigned project for the year.

So the question on your lips is ‘what caused Mark Zuckerberg’s account to be hacked’, well it was caused by no other factor but the generic and single password all account practice. Zuckerberg happens to practice this system and he paid for it by being hacked. Although, information posted by the group, OurMine, responsible for hacking the Facebook CEO’S account suggests that the password for the accounts hacked were gotten from the recently announced hack of LinkedIn, which saw about 167 million accounts compromised.

OurMine after gaining access to Zuckerberg’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts, proudly posted to the world that they had access to the Facebook CEO’s accounts. The group went on to communicate with Zuckerberg, saying “We got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us.”

Although, Mark Zuckerberg rarely uses his Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts that got hacked, even so, it is a big deal for someone of his repute to fall victim of such. Since then, Zuckerberg appears to have retaken control of these accounts and the hacker messages have been deleted. Added to this, the Twitter account of the hacker group, OurMine, has been suspended.

The lesson here is that we should all change our passwords and avoid generic passwords as well as using the same password across various social media platforms.

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