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Facebook improves Messenger with a new camera feature and a slew of camera functions


Facebook has always made efforts to strengthen and brandish their social media products. Nearly every month, Facebook product users get updates for either security or a new feature added to one of the Facebook products, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. In similar fashion, the social media giant has announced the addition of a new camera and camera features to the Facebook Messenger App. Now you can access your phone camera through Messengers interface, take pictures and the also edit them to taste, using the camera features that has been added to the application. Although, the Facebook Messenger app is not the first Facebook product to integrate this feature (WhatsApp had a similar update long time ago), it is a welcomed development and will help make communication through Messenger more interesting and visual.

The new update is available to everyone, users started getting updates from yesterday; however, Facebook noted that all users will not be getting the update at the same time. It will become accessible to all Facebook Messenger users in the coming days.  If you have your update already or still expecting it, here are the features it comes with and how to make use of it. Without doubt, we should all be able to make use of the camera feature without guidance. Just by pressing the button at the center of the application, you can access the camera. The button functions based on your location in the app. You can take pictures by clicking on it while having a conversation. You can also record videos, long pressing the camera button can do this and it will activate the video camera mode.

The camera features come with a 3D Masks and special effects (such as falling snow and text that can be added to images). Along with the new camera features, Facebook has integrated some AI technology into Messenger. Now you can get M suggestions and you have “instant gaming” as well. With all of this, it is obvious Facebook wants us to have more engagement through Messenger and ultimately spend more time using the app.



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