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Flash Charge or Fast Charge? The flash and fast charge features makes Infinix devices a true delight


Since the arrival of smartphones into the lives of many phone users, the dilemma has always been the issue of battery. Smartphones consume a lot of power due to the task they perform and users have also pushed manufacturers to go the extra mile to find a solution. While some manufacturers have devised different technology they use for quick chargers, one of the most prolific is Qualcomm’s flash charge 2.0, which comes with the

Infinix Note 3.  Flash charge is a feature that allows your phone to charge 5 times as fast as the normal charger. A number of smartphones have offered a similar solution called  “fast charging” solutions. Other Infinix devices come with the fast charge ability which  charges up to three times as fast as the normal charger.

Flash charge however, allows your phone to charge faster in 5 minutes than the regular charger!! This is also well pronounced in the Infinix Note 3 smartphone that gives you a talk time of 200mins after a 5 mins charge time. The flash charge feature goes beyond just the phone, Infinix has special charger called flash chargers, it has an Output of 5A. This fast charger charges your Infinix device to at least 10% in 5 minutes. When charging with the flash and fast charger, you notice a dual charging sign on the battery symbol, this indicates that the phone is flash charging or fast charging phone.

Furthermore, for you to enjoy this flash and fast charging feature, you must have a device that supports fast/flash chargers in order to take advantage of the boost (All Infinix latest devices, Hot note, Hot 3, Hot 4, Hot S, Zero 3 & Zero 4) supports the fast charge feature, While the Infinix Note 3 supports the flash charge feature. If you plug a flash charger into an older device, the regulator will still prevent it from overloading your battery. You won’t harm your device, but it won’t charge any faster. It is advisable to use the fast charger or flash charger that comes with the Infinix smartphone to charge it because the voltage supplied is too high and will in the long run weaken your battery life.

Video with Flash charge test for 5 minutes

Infinix fast charge image

Fast and flash chargers are real things and not just an upsell. The fast/flash charge feature in Infinix devices allows your phone to charge within minutes irrespective of the epileptic nature of power supply.

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21 thoughts on “Flash Charge or Fast Charge? The flash and fast charge features makes Infinix devices a true delight”

  1. I use infinix hot not x551. The flash charging comes up at it own time sometimes and after dis connecting, only God knows when it will come back. How do I activate it? Help please

    1. the Hot 5 comes with a fast charge feature this allows the battery to charge faster than other devices that do not have the feature. To ensure that your device charges fast, make use of the apporved Infinix charger to charge the device.

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