GLO 1k for 1.5GB works for all device



Not quite long, Glo Nigeria dropped some cheap data plans which works for all devices, and I discovered most smartphone users don’t know about this data plan. The Glo data plans for Android  , Blackberry, Apple iPhones, and Lumia (MicroSoft) Windows Phones.
Introducing Glo Always Micro Data bundle which gives 1.5GB for 1k (1,000 Naira) valid for 30 days.

To Activate Glo Always Micro Data Bundle:
To Subscribe simply Dial: *127*53# from your Glo sim OR using your Glo sim, Text “53” to 127

Checking Your Glo Micro Data Bundle Balance:
To check the data balance: Dial *127*0#

Another interesting aspect of this package is that you can top up your data when it’s almost exhausted, before end of your validity or you can added data to your current plan.
To top up the data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200.
Dial *777# to buy extra data (N500 at 1GB is for 1GB plans or higher).

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Ikechukwu MaxkDAVE

Ikechukwu Onu is a writer, front-end dev, and digital junkie with a profound interest in all things tech, especially Android. When not reviewing gadgets or apps, he enjoys contributing in groups and forums, tinkering with websites, and hanging out with friends. Email:

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14 thoughts on “GLO 1k for 1.5GB works for all device”

      1. Hi bro, i initially did the reconfiguration on my android to a BlackBerry imei, can this new glo always data bundle still work with d same configuration, if yes, hope the data wont burn off faster? Cos so far, i enjoy the 3Gb for 1400 on glo, even though it gets wasted afterall

  1. Ya thats what am using. It’s great and d mb doesn’t exhaust quickly. Abt d topup, can 1 topup wit 1 day to d expiring dat?

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