How Blue Collar workers in Nigeria use their phone


With well over 142million active lines , there is no doubt Nigerians are one of the biggest users of mobile phone.But Have you ever imagined what Traders, Drivers and even Barbers do with their mobilephone? You’re about to find out.

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CcHub recently conducted a survey amongst blue collar workers (People who perform jobs that typically involves the use of their hands) .  The survey which lasted for 12weeks , took place in Lagos , Abuja , Aba and 6285 Blue collar workers were interviewed.

The aim of the Survery is to identify their mobile useage pattern and to understand how they interact with their smartphones. The results are really interesting. Cchub was able to discover that :

•”Making Calls” is Their most Frequent Activity”

61.8% of them indicated that their main activity is to make calls with their phone. This is no surprise to me. I mean , their business requires them to frequently keep in touch with their customers.

Others indicated browsing (19.3%), texting (9%), chatting (7.1%) & gaming (2.8%).

•Nokia Still Dominates

41.4% of them own a Nokia phone , Beating other brands like TECNO (23.6%) , Blackberry (12.1%) and Samsung (8.2%). 

•Price of Phones Influenced their buying decision.

48.6% of workers cited the cost of the phone as the main influencer when purchasing a new phone. 

•Facebook is the Most used App :
Of the 56.6% who subscribe for internet, Facebook (25.5%) is used the most. Whatsapp was really close with 25%. Others include: Blackberry messenger (13.6%) and Opera-mini (11.7%)

This infographic provides more insight.

How Nigerians Use Their Phone

Credit : CcHub

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