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How flexible is the banana phone called LG G Flex? (Promo video included)


Its no news that LG G Flex commonly known as banana phone is the world’s second curved screen smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Round being officially the first, but the G Flex might possibly be the first truly flexible smartphone. Whereas the Galaxy Round features flexible display technology that simply means the screen will be very resistant to impact but not necessarily that the phone itself is flexible in any way, the G Flex, on the other hand, has now had its flexibility demonstrated in a new video and promo shot.
Here is an official video of LG G Flex which is set to hit stores in South Korea
this week.

In case you want to buy the device, you should know that the phone has only been confirmed to launch in South Korea and France so far, so you’ll have to wait a while for it to arrive to your country.

Source: Androidpit, The Verge (Youtube)

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