IMOSE MOBILE……..indigenously Crafted With Beauty and Strength !


Imose BAM
Imose BAM

Imose Mobile is a Nigerian-Based certified mobile company, a subsidiary of the Imose group and a full-fledged Nigerian OEM. Imose Mobile is a brand synonymous with producing ‘sturdy’ mobile GSM phones, Android phones as well as desktop GSM phones that are compatible with all Telecoms sim in Nigeria.

Imose X1 Pro
Imose X1 Pro


Imose Mobile vision statement screams affordable quality which is not far fetched, having done a thorough research on the Nigerian end users little wonder they came up with their range of devices which are best sellers in the Nigerian mobile market.

Imose Ankara K2
Imose Ankara K2

The generic name Imose is derived from the South-South part of Nigeria and it means I am beautiful ,also it is pertinent to mention the brand adopts basically local Naija name for its line of devices which every Naija person can easily relate with such as Ankara, Kampe,  Bam, Gidi ,and a host of others. The package of the devices also come in ankara print design which is a local fabric in the West African continent, with battery capacity built to last, FM radio, Conference Calling enabled desktop phone little wonder Android Nigeria refers to them as the Ultimate Made in Naija Phone Brand.

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