Infinix releases it’s first wearable and noise cancelation earpiece


Infinix mobility has raised the ante with the launch of their first wearable technology, the X band. The X band is a convertible smart watch with IP55 water and dust resistance certification, so, it can withstand a level of dust and water exposure. The X band comes with a slew of functions, which includes; being able to function as a fitness monitor, the X band can tell you how many steps you’ve taken in a day, distance covered etc. The X band has a touch screen from which you can information such as Time, date and see notifications. On the cool side, the X band can double as a Bluetooth earpiece as its screen is completely detachable, so, you can use the X band to receive calls, notifications and all the above on the move. The X band is said to be able to last for 7 hours when used to make calls and 150 hours on standby.


What makes this piece of tech from Infinix very cool is the fact that it can be used with any Android the device, cool, right? I am sure you’re eager to know how much this costs, we’ll, the X band goes for 25,800.

Meanwhile, Infinix saw it fit to release a predecessor to their DNC (dual noise cancelation) XE01 headphone. Fort those unfamiliar with the XE01 headphone it is an earpiece with background noise cancelation feature. The earpiece is designed to improe sound clarity and pleasure. The recently released predecessor to XE01, the DNC XE02 has a battery capacity to work for 10 hours when fully charged. Infinix boasts that the earpiece has automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95% with Hi-Fi sound.

That’s all on Infinix’s latest accessories, they certainly worth owning if you ask me, what do you think? Will they be good and competent replacements for the wearables made by Apple, Samsung and Huawei? Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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