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Infinix S2 and S2 Pro gets Nougat update two days after launch.


At this point, it can be gainsaid that Infinix is committed to keeping you and me abreast with the current trend as regards the version of the Android Operating system in your Infinix device. Although Chinese by origin the Infinix mobility is Nigerian in many ways than one. Constantly churning out quality devices designed for Africa with a price tag that never falls short of impressive. 

As the headline reads, Infinix S2 and S2 Pro gets Nougat update just two days after launch. Yes, the just launched devices have gotten their update much to the gleefulness of us Android users. Nothing could be more interesting than using an up to date device with all the perks that come with it. I believe I know what is on your right now and I will say it aloud (however, not verbatim) and you tell me in the comment box if I was right, wrong or close. You thought to yourself, “Well done Infinix, Good job, keep up the good work”. If this is or reads like what came to mind then we shared similar thoughts. Hopefully, other OEM’s will emulate the steps taking by Infinix.


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