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Instagram adds translation feature for text written in other languages


Instagram is adding translation feature to the Instagram app and website. This will carter for cultural and language diversified user base and also increase interaction between individuals who speak different languages.


This translation feature will function like the translation feature we see on Instagram’s parent site Facebook. Whenever you come across a word or sentence written in a language other than your countries Official language or your selected language, the app will automatically bring up a see translation link beneath the word. It is then up to you to click on the link and see the meaning of the word. So now you will be able to know what a person bio, post or comment means.

Instagram currently supports 24 languages, so we will be seeing translations across the 24 languages. Old posts will also get to be translated, however, posts/comments that are really old may not privy to accessing this new feature.

The translation feature sure will increase Instagram’s interactivness among users with different languag. The feature is already rolling out to Instagram applications and on the Instagram site, if you observe this on your time line, then you you’ve, if not wait for a while or go check Play Store if there is an update for the app. Although, this new feature is being implemented server – side, a trial won’t hurt.

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