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Latest update of the SwiftKey keyboard app brings incognito mode and other interesting features to the Android keyboard


SwiftKey keyboard app is certainly one of the best when it comes to Android keyboard apps that has AI integrated in it. The application is smart, it learns and stores your words like a loyal scribe. And the recent update of the keyboard app brings a couple of needed improvements to the application. Further improving the applications function.

The best of these recent improvements is the incognito mode. This mode is similar to the incognito mode found on browsers. Activating the mode on browser apps makes your activity invisible to internet tracking sensors. In essence it is a privacy feature. On SwiftKey keyboard, the incognito mode is there to save you, by you I am referring to those who use words that are NSFW or NSFC (not safe for children) or not safe for anybody (NSFA), lol. So if you fall under this category, then the incognito mode will safe you from embarrassments that can occur when someone tries to type a message with your device and your SwiftKey app provides auto-complete word options that will embarrass you if anyone found out you use such words or search for such.


That said, the new update also comes with an improved qwerty keyboard for those who type in Swiss German and Swiss Italian. It also comes with better themes and the theme application is now easier than before. In addition to these, the update fixed crash issues that usually occurred when a user swiped the keyboard to write in Chinese. Furthermore, the updated app comes with an improved auto-complete and auto-suggest function. It can now suggest funny emoji’s for funny statements.


SwiftKey keyboard is definitely a keyboard app that will continually stay relevant. The app has team if developers updating and fixing bugs regularly. If you haven’t used the application or have not updated to the latest version, head over to Google Play store, search for the app via the search bar, click on the first option and install or update. Be sure to share your experience with the app in the comment box below.

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