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LG promises a non-combustible, near-bezeless, water resistant LG G6


We are still some good days away from February. February is the month for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Customarily, the Mobile World Congress heralds the unveiling of the main flagships of several phone makers. LG is one of them, and we eagerly await what they have created as their 2017 flagship. Last year, LG revolutionised their flagship line by offering a modular enabled device, the LG G5. People did not warm Up to the device this fact was evidenced by the fair sales of a device that was supposed to create excitement. Well, this time around LG is said to have shelved the modular features and have decided to give us the best non-modular device you can think of.

The upcoming LG G6 is touted to have a large screen and a small body. It is water resistant and does not have combustible batteries. The LG G6 will sport a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen with a 18:9 aspect ratio display. LG says the screen size is a direct result of customers demand for a large screen that has a portable size.

Meanwhile, LG has stated that they will be putting the LG G6 batteries through rigorous testing, 15% higher than American and European battery testing standard. To ensure the device does not have any problems from heat. Already, the phone is equipped with heat pipes, which will carry the heat away from the devices hardware. The company will also be putting the LG G6 through various physical tests to ascertain body strength of the device.

Well, it all looks promising and we should expect the LG G6 to be one solid and interesting device.

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