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LG reveals the camera details of the LG G6


LG G6 is the most anticipated device as far as the Mobile World Congress is concerned and it is first on the minds of LG faithful’s as well as tech lovers. Details on the device have been trickling out in bits and pieces. We’ve gradually moved from seeing leaks and rumours to concrete announcements by LG on the specs of the LG G6. LG has just let out details on the cameras of the LG G6.    According to LG, the G6’s front camera will have a 100˚ degree wide angle capturing capability while the rear camera will come with a dual 13MP camera setup, one of them is rigged to capture at 125˚ degree field of view. Both cameras will work simultaneously to provide the best picture possible. LG says that the 125˚ wide angle view is similar to a person’s field of vision. What this means is that you will be able to capture everything in your field of vision with the LG G6.  You also have the option of taking pictures in various screen ratios (18:9, 1:1, 16:9 etc.).


Come Sunday, the LG G6 will unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. There are still a lot of details we are not sure about this device but we do know that the device will be water and dust resistant, it will be powered by a battery that is above 3,00mAh and will run the latest Android OS. Furthermore, the LG G6 will sport a Quah HD screen and will have a large screen to body ratio. We would have to wait until Sunday to get the full details on the device. Ensure you follow our social media channels, as we would be covering the event in proxy.



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