Microsoft increases Cortana integration, adds outlook, Android and third party apps


During the ongoing Microsoft build 2016, Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out some new updates that will see its trademark virtual personal assistant ‘Cortana’ integrated in Android, third party apps, Microsoft outlook, Outlook email and calendar apps, as well as smarter recognition of specific time and activity requests. Added to these, is the ability to respond to messages sent to Android devices on a windows laptop.

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Other new features that will be coming to Cortana include; the virtual assistant being able to auto-create events taking context of your engagements. Cortana will also be able to send emails with an attachment when asked to; this was demonstrated in the course of the announcements. The demonstration shows ‘Cortana’ being instucted to “Send Chuck that PowerPoint I was working on last night.” Cortana brought a power point file and asked if that was the file in question.

microsoft gsmarena_002

Pic showing the email sending demonstration. Photo credits: gsmarena

Furthermore, developers will be able integrate their app with Cortana, to enable voice commands and other automated functions. The virtual personal assistant will also be integrated into Skype, and will serve as an assistant through a chat interface and interacting with third-party bots from other services. These updates will be coming later this year, beginning most notably with the anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Obviously, these steps being taken by Microsoft are aimed at positioning the company in the futuristic Internet of things, where everything is connected and man is assisted in performing daily mundane tasks.



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