New Galaxy S7 adverts feature Lil Wayne pouring champagne on the S7.


It is almost a month since Samsung launched their 2016 flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Both devices are not yet in stock, however pre-orders are open and both devices are expected to start shipping on 18 March.

That said, Samsung have been releasing a slew of adverts to increase the popularity of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung’s latest advert underscores the Galaxy’s most unique feature, which is its water resistant ability. In the advert Hip-pop rapper Lil Wayne is shown pouring champagne on the S7, He also went further to put the device in an aquarium. Lil Wayne’s friend, Max, tried the same stunt but ended up frying his device; this is an obvious stunt to show the Galaxy’s superiority in terms of water resistant, over other contending devices such as the LG G5.

Meanwhile, two other adverts showed Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes using the gear VR headset, which comes free when you order the Galaxy S7. In the first video, Lil Wayne is using the Gear VR and enjoying all the benefits that virtual reality has to offer including riding in a canoe with Wesley Snipes, before Wesley Snipes makes a cameo. While the second video shows both Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes enjoying what the Gear VR has to offer including delivering a baby elephant.

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Source: Samsung via: Androidhealines

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