Newest Google Glass Updates Are Google Card, Voice Command


Newest Google Glass Updates Are Google Card, Voice CommandThe Google Glass is really revolutionizing the mobile computer world with its user friendliness and countless benefits. Just like other android powered devices, Google promised saying the Google Glasses will receive monthly updates adding mad features to its Google Glass and improving or rather, providing heightened benefits to its users.

Monday, Google released very distinctive updates such as the Google card, voice command and a more finely tuned video player app.

Two new voice commands have been introduced and will work hand in hand with popular note apps such as Path and Evernote.

“Post an update” and “Take a note” are the two voice actions added as benefit to using either ever note or path. Also included are more contextual voice commands for navigation.

Weather, sports and  traffic which are some of the other Google Now benefits will now have, added to them, Reservations and Events, Movies and Public alerts and this will definitely boost the usefulness of the Google glasses.

These cards and services will show to the left of your timeline, and should become available as needed after updating.

Anyone out there using Glass and get the update yet? Also landing with the update includes a new Volume card in the settings, hashtags in captions and a new “send a birthday message” which will all make a Google Glass user smile.

Have you got the new Google Glass updates? Tested them and appreciate them? Share your comments below

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