Rumour has it that the Nokia 3310 will be making a comeback at the MWC


The Nokia 3310 is symbolic to all who used mobile phones (GSM) back in the day when the best phone game was Snake II. A time when the biggest feature one could expect from a device was in-built radio. Although the said time has long past it is not forgotten because mobile phones of that time have a feature we all wish the devices of today will come with by default. Top on the list and perhaps the only feature we miss is the mind blowing ruggedness, the Nokia 3310 was super rugged. Nokia devices were so tough, you need not bother when it drops on a floor enforced with concrete. You just bend low, pick up, make any adjustments, and continue use. If never used such a device. You Will MISSED out. Well not to worry, the Nokia 3310 will be making a comeback in contemporary fashion, so says the ever-so accurate serial leaker, Evan Blass of Venture Beat. That said, if you’ve been following news on Nokia, you would know that the Finnish companies role in the production of the recent and future Nokia products is on a supervisory level. HMD global is the company in charge of the production of Nokia phones.

Besides the 3310, Nokia has already teased some devices for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The lined up devices are mid-end and low mid-end device’s ( Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 respectively) . A let down for those expecting a premium device with the Nokia branding. However, looking at the actions of Nokia from a business standpoint, it is reasonable and smart. It will be suicidal to make a premium phone with a premium price tag when they have not tested created awareness and generated interest from consumers. Otherwise, they might end up selling less than 500k units of their premium device. Whichever way, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what Nokia has in store for us. The Mobile World Congress is a few days away and Android Nigeria will be covering the event in proxy.

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