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Opera integrates ad-blocker in the latest Android Opera Mini browser.


Opera mini is one browser famous among mobile users because of its data saving features. The browser has data compression features that makes it possible to open large websites with less data due to the browsers data compression ability. Opera has announced another data saving feature, Opera Ad blocker, for the Android Opera mini browser. This new feature is capable of saving up to 14% data added to Opera mini’s innate data saving. Added to this, the integrated ad-blocker means that websites should load up to 40% quicker because the browser will not have to download invasive pop-up ads/open new tabs for pop up ads.

opera memory-usage-opera-for-computers-with-ad-blocker

The integrated Opera Ad blocker is one feature that should be integrated in all browsers in order to reduce the menace faced by most internet users who are forced to grapple with multiple pop-up pages when they click on a download button or an image on websites with deceptive download buttons and aggressive advert system.

The ad-blocking feature isn’t enabled by default when you download the latest Opera Mini version. To enable the new feature, go-to settings by pressing the “O” icon on your left, select the data savings summary, you will see the block ads option, switch it on and that will be the end of your seeing invasive ads while browsing with Opera Mini. To download the Latest Opera browser visit Play Store via this link.

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