Phone Explodes In Girl’s Pocket ; Leaving Her Skin Severely Damaged


Little Ariana Aitzhan Will Probably Never use a handset again. Ariana , A 7year old girl from Khazahstan suffered severe leg injuries when her Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone exploded and caught fire in her pocket. According To her parents , Ariana was carrying a Samsung Galaxy S2 model in her pocket while playing in the garden in the Kazakhstan capital Astana when they suddenly heard her screaming.

Immediately , the parents ran outside only to see their helpless daugher crying in pains. Ariana was immediately rushed to the hospital leaving her parents shocked at the extent of her injuries as she required a skin transplant.

Her father Yerlan recounted the harrowing moment he discovered the shocking extent of his daughter’s injuries.

“When it exploded she was screaming and calling for help, a neighbour that was nearest pulled her jeans off and said that some of her skin came away with it.“The burn was horrific – it went all the way through to the bone.”

Ariana’s mother Alia Kamzina added:“She is in shock still, as are we all.“She is now afraid of smartphones, she can’t bear to even see one being used without being terrified.”

Samsung have offered to pay for all of Ariana’s medical bills and plastic surgery but Mr Aitzhan has so far refused to return the torched handset, for fear of his daughter’s horrifying story being swept under the carpet.

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5 thoughts on “Phone Explodes In Girl’s Pocket ; Leaving Her Skin Severely Damaged”

  1. What could have caused the explosion. I think samsung should investigate this. I wish the girl quick recovery.

    1. I Guess The Phone Must Have Overheated In Her Pocket. This Is Not The First Time This Is Happening To A Samsung Device , Something Needs To Be Done!

  2. Samsung company should ensure dat there products are wirely and technically okay,in other not 2 b injuring d samsung user,bcos if it is like dat,our live is at stake,bcos i’m a samsung user.

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