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Project Ara: Google’s modular phone will arrive in 2017, see specs to get excited


For those who have not heard of Googles project Ara before now, you may be quick to conclude that you’ve seen a modular phone before, refering to the LG G5. Well, the LG G5 is a modular phone, no doubt about that, however, the G5’s modularity is still learning (nascent) when compared to Google’s Ara device. Ara has been in the works for a long while now and we are close to seeing the device enter mainstream smartphone market by 2017, according to Google.

So what makes Ara unique and exciting? You might ask. Let take a look at the modular capability of this device, shall we?

First off, the Project Ara has six different modules that come in rectangular shapes. Based on the video released by Google, the modules include:
– An e-ink display
– A Speaker and microphone module
– Camera module
– a Kickstand
– A touch sensitive module
– Style module
– And a fingerprint reader.

The first module e-ink display can serve as an alternative to the devices screen. It is perfect for reading, perhaps you are going on a long trip you can easily swap screens to have a better reading experience. That is cool, right? The other modules serve functions as their names suggest. The modules can solve specific needs of a user, according to Blaise Bertrand, Project Ara’s head of creative, a diabetic patient that needs a glucometer. iHealth’s version of a glucometer can be attached to the phone. He said: “ Everything in a glucometer, besides a few sensors, is in a phone. The possibilities of this device makes it magnificent, such a modular device will extend a phone longevity to say 4-5 years, which is really good for value and economy.


The developer version of project Ara, a 5.3-inch modular phone will be shipped in the fourth quarter of this year to developers. If all goes well, we should be swing the device on sale by 2017. The big question will now be how much will it be sold and If the smartphone consers will embrace modular devices, will you buy a unit of these? What do you think of Project Ara is it the mobile revolution we are waiting for or is it ahead of itself? Share your thoughts in the comment box.


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